Leaving and Returning
20" x 55" x 3"

hemlock wood & acrylic paint

At Home Here Now,
and Always Somewhere Else

20" x 55" x 3"

hemlock wood & acrylic paint

Words Cannot Express
9" x 13" x 7"

pine and hemlock wood, acrylic paint
and crayon

Walk Humbly
86" x 21" x 18"
pine wood, acrylic paint & crayon

He woke up knowing that there are two worlds—and they are one
42" x 28" x 6"

hemlock & pine wood,
acrylic paint

Look Up
29" x 11.5" x 8"

hemlock wood, acrylic paint

Arriving and Leaving
33" x 55" x 7"

hemlock wood, acrylic paint,

Past, Present, Future
51" x 20" x 23"

hemlock wood, acrylic paint
and crayon

This House Today Pass By
40" x 24" x 9"

hemlock and pine wood, acrylic paint



My indoor sculptures are constructed of wood using familiar cutting, shaping and joining techniques. They take the form of pedestal, floor, or wall pieces. There are several formats that seem to repeat often - the column with something going on at the top and bottom, the white or black, white and gray stain or full color narrative scenes. Certain objects seem to be repeated - ladders, landscapes with houses, trees, roads or figures. The pieces always represent something concrete from my daily experiences, memories, or thoughts which seem to me to suggest meanings that transcend the physical to a realm above and beyond us all. I carve words (my own thoughts or quotes from songs, literature or the Bible) on many of the sculptures that relate to their themes.

Prices range from $100.00 - $4000.00.